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Covered Ca Health insurance In Salinas

Individual Tax Credits / Subsidies 

are  available to qualified individuals or families to be used to reduce the cost of the premium paid for any of the metal tier plans in Covered California.

Small Business Tax Credits/ Subsidies 

available for small businesses that:

* Have 25 or less full-time equivalent employees for the tax year

* The average annual wage paid to those employees is less than $50,000 per employee

* The employer pays at least 50% of the employee's premium cost 

* Purchase their group coverage through Covered California.

It's time to GET YOUR AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Together..

COVERD CALIFORNIA'S MISSION STATEMENT is a joint partnership between Covered California and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

The Covered California™ mission is to increase the number of Californians with health insurance, improve the quality of health care for all of us, reduce health care coverage costs and make sure California's diverse population has fair and equal access to quality health care.

The mission of DHCS is to provide low-income Californians with access to affordable, high-quality health care, including medical, mental health, substance use treatment services, and long-term care. Its vision is to preserve and improve the physical and mental health of all Californians.

You will have the ability to choose the health plan that offers the best services at the greatest value for you or find out if you qualify for Medi-Cal. This is insurance that can't be dropped or denied if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Covered California and DHCS are committed to ensuring that Californians are aware of their health coverage options. Through, you can find out if you qualify for free or low-cost health insurance, including Medi-Cal, and compare a range of health plans and choose the right one for you. We will provide information in many languages and in culturally relevant ways.

Covered California is conducting a marketing, outreach and educational program to help raise awareness about the new opportunities for Californians to get covered. To reach as many people as possible, Covered California and DHCS will be working with different partner groups to help with these educational efforts. Their expertise in reaching out and educating groups and individuals statewide will help Covered California connect with millions of uninsured Californians and transform the health insurance marketplace.



The Individual Mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act                                                    (commonly referred to as “Obamacare”) requires most legal                                                            US citizens and resident aliens be covered by a qualified health                                           insurance plan that provides coverage for minimum essential benefits, beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

Individuals not covered by a qualified health plan for more than three consecutive months will be subject to the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment* – unless they qualify for an exemption. Examples of exemptions are:

  • Individual’s whose income is too low to require filing an income tax return, or when the lowest cost plan available exceeds 8 percent of your household income
  • Members of a federally recognized Indian tribe
  • Members of a recognized health care sharing ministry
  • Members of a recognized religious sect with religious objections to social health systems
  • Incarcerated individuals
  • Individuals not lawfully present in the US
  • Individuals who qualify for a hardship exemption

* Coverage for individuals who apply between March 15th                                                                           these individuals will be uninsured in excess of three (3)                                                                consecutive months in 2014, they will not be assessed the                                                                           Individual Shared Responsibility Payment. thru March 31st                                                                              will not begin until May 1, 2014.